Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ok... So everyone knows that the industry is constantly looking for the next big thing;[ ie. rappers, singers, dancers, writers, video/music producers,and models]. Its no big secret that there are new talents found everywhere in the U.S throughout the years, its almost like a recruiting process for a sport. You are being looked at and considered for recruitment anytime your song is heard, or your video is played. Imagine a website that would bring together all fields of entertainment for the viewing pleasure of millions of people who want to watch you do what you love to do? L.E.Stv is the ESPN of everything music and entertainment. Not only for the use of musicians; L.E.Stv is a site to catch up on all the latest fashions, trends, hilarious videos, skateboarding and more. So wait no longer! you could be the next topic of conversation. ** see "Whats your story?" to become a topic and have your say on why YOU are the next big thing**
**What your story?**
Get a slot on L.E.Stv for your story

To become a hot topic on L.E.Stv email us at with your name, your story, a video if you have one, and a picture you and/or your group/organization. *please note* ( your picture will need to be as professional as can be; your picture will need to incorperate your field of entertainment); ie. rapper, singer, dancer, writer, video/music producer, skaters, graphic designer,  model, etc.. If you dont have a professional picture include that information in the email and send the closest to professional picture that you have and Final Image, our graphic design team will include editing in your onetime package for an additional small fee! After the onetime fee, you may then send via email any videos that have to do with your field of interest and any links you have so people can contact you.